History of the Mosheim Mansion

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The Mosheim Mansion was built in 1894 by Emil Mosheim. Emil came from a part of Germany where all the Jews had been forced to convert to Catholicism and change their last names. The family name had previously been Moses but was changed to Mosheim, meaning "Moses home" which was acceptable. Emil was both an Engineer and Lawyer. He made his initial fortune, helping build up the Railway System in Argentina. He bought the land the Mansion is on from John Ireland, Governor of Texas.
The he and his wife Lena set up housekeeping in what is now Seguin. The Mosheim Mansion was the first home in the area to have indoor plumbing and electricity.

Emil opened a law firm in Seguin in 1884 and served for a number of years as District Attorney. He had a number of children but several died before reaching adulthood. Two of his daughters never married and lived in the home until 1981. One daughter, Elsie was sent away for a year as a teenager and the family never discussed why. But she returned a different person as if she had had some sort of lobotomy. She could not make even simple decisions for herself and was dependent on her sister Emily for guidance.  She had been the organist at St. James Catholic church. As she aged she became agoraphobic to such an extent as she would not let anyone into the house and rarely went out. She had to be confessed through the front door.

Emil had a son-in-law, a physician who lived one block away. Emil, who was very clever, constructed a tunnel, that served as a chase for utilities between the two properties. It often served another purpose. If in his law practice, Emil was defending a client in danger of say….not making it to the trial alive (the hanging tree was only blocks away). He could take them into the Doctors office and through the tunnel into his basement which served as an auxiliary jail. They say that later in life he did a bit of bootlegging and the basement came in handy then as well.

It is said that President Wilson slept in what it now the San Antonio Room. Marion's Room was the original master suite and Emma's, the original nursery. The Seguin room boasts exposed brick which was the original exterior wall on the south side. The Wing that makes up the Grand Room, New Orleans, the Great Room and the kitchen was part of the original plans, but was not contracted until 1993. Originally there was only a "summer kitchen".

The home was first restored and remodeled by John Adam. He put the addition on the house as well. Several other families lived here before the Mansion was purchased by Bob and Carol in 2008. Another round of restoration, floor refinishing, faux painting, etc took place to create the home as it looks today. A more detailed history is available for your perusal at the mansion.