Pets at Mosheim Mansion

We love our dogs. Unfortunately you cannot bring yours except under special circumstances. Call us about this.

Our dogs are adorable, geriatric, unobtrusive and generally smell nice too. You can pet them all you want at no charge.

BIG AL is perhaps the worlds largest dachshund ) he has even been in a parade as such escorted by the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile) Weighing in at close to 50 pounds, he has spent his entire life with us on a diet. He came from dachshund rescue 8 years ago.

SHORTIE is a dachshund mix with buggy eyes and one snaggle tooth. She is a princess and don't ever forget it.

TIKO is a black lab mix who came to live with us when my father passed away. My father found him as a puppy, hiding under a car with a coat hanger wrapped around his neck. He is a big lovable lug.