Resident Dogs at Mosheim Mansion

We have lovable, friendly dogs who are all rescues. We also foster and do animal rescue for several organizations. Our dogs have very limited access to guest areas but do stay in the office during bad weather. You will not be subject to endless barking. We have luxury kennels for them on the side of the house with a doggie door to the office. The ancient ones lay around by the back door. Our dogs are members of the family. If you are allergic or do not like dogs this might not be a good choice of B&B for you.

If you like dogs you can interact with them all you like and maybe even take one home!

Up For Adoption

  • tinydog

This is Tiny Dog. She is one of our 3 personal pets. She is a rescue. This is a photo of her after her leg was amputated. When I picked her up at animal services she had a crushed leg that just flopped around. It could not be repaired or salvaged. However she does very well as a tripod and loves meeting
new people. You can read more about Tiny by visiting my rescue blog at

  • dogdaphne

Daphne: a small mixed breed up who was tossed from a moving car into someones yard. They took her to the pound which is where I found her. She is about 11 weeks old and healing nicely and learning to trust people again. She has just learned to sit!

  • nellieandotis

Nellie and Otis: These two nuts are BIG dachshunds, we think brother and sister and about 10 months old. They are housebroken abut still do goofy pup stuff. They love kids! They are very strong and love to play. They are set to be fixed soon and have their shots. They were on death row at the pound when we
pulled them.

Rupenzel: A Jack Russel mix female. She lost all of her hair (as did her puppy Fuzzy Wuzzy) to Demodex mange. She is not contageous and her hair is almost back. She is very affectionate and smart and housebroken too!! A real doll. She is fixed and has her shots.

Doc Holiday: He is a 13 week old dachshund male pup. A real little devil who loves to wrestle and cute as can be. He was one of 4 pups with ringworm and covered in fleas and tics that were dumped at a vet office in a box. He is up on his shots and wormed.

Mia: Mia is a ATDR (All Texas Dachshund Rescue) foster. She had very negligent owners who surrendered her after she was hit by a car. She suffered multiple fractures in both legs and her pelvis. She had lots of surgery. She is going really well now and loves to play outside. She is great with kids and dogs and is housebroken! She is fixed and has her shots.

Tiko: Tiko is a dachshund with a touch of basset thrown in. He loves everyone! He was a runner up for local dog ambassador and has completed two beginning training courses. A gorgeous dog! He does submissive pee when startled so he will need a gentle and tolerant family. He is fixed and up on his shots.

Peanut: Peanut is a tiny little diva of about 9 years. She is being treated for heart worm. She takes a bit of time to warm up to new people but is well worth the effort. She loves to cuddle her human. An easy little companion.

Holly: Holly is a sweet, tiny dachshund and Jack Russell mix. She recently had a litter of 3! She was pregnant at the pound when we got her and one week later she gave birth to 3 little cuties! She will be spayed soon and get her shots after the pups are weaned. She is about one year old and adorable. She is a velcro dog!